Goals and Needs: Comparing Investment Priorities by Generation

Why Are You Investing? Across generations, retirement is the #1 reason why people are investing. Beyond that, priorities vary. Take a look. A set of three charts — one for Baby Boomers, one for Generation Xers, one for Millennials — shows how priorities shift for each generation. For Baby Boomers, retirement is 72.6%; vacation, 16.2%; buying a home, 6.9%; college, 3.5%; buying a car, 6.2%; and health care costs, 7.3%. For Generation Xers, retirement is 73.0%; vacation, 23.2%; buying a home, 20.6%; college, 13.5%; buying a car, 9.9%; and health care costs, 6.8%. For Millennials, retirement is 61.4%; vacation, 33.0%; buying a home, 43.1%; college, 17.2%; buying a car, 20.3%; and health care costs, 9.0%. Source: Stash, April 2017.

What can Wells Fargo do for you?

Whether you’re nearing retirement or have already reached retirement, Wells Fargo Conversations offers a diverse blend of content to help provide options for your life’s second act.

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