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Women in Philanthropy: An Amazing Impact

Women are a driving force behind charitable giving and philanthropic efforts.

Headline is Women Fuel Philanthropy. When it comes to charitable giving, women play a key role that has only increased as women's percentage of overall wealth rises. Below are some key stats on the impact of women in the nonprofit sector and how they view charitable giving. The first section is called The Impact, and the first stat says the expected annual value of women's charitable giving by 2030 is $569.5 billion. Since 2007, $600 million of donations have been pledged to Women Moving Millions, a cause started by women. In fiscal 2016, the Global Fund for Women awarded 349 grants across 68 countries, totaling $6.6 million. And the expected amount of global wealth that will be controlled by women in 2020 is $72.1 trillion. The second section is called Beyond Money. Stats say that 43 percent of nonprofit board members are women, and 39 percent of women board members serve on organizations with a $1 million or higher annual budget. The final section details some differences between men and women. Women who are Baby Boomers or older give 89 percent more to charity than me of the same demographic. Women who are in the top quarter of permanent income give 156 percent more to charity than men in the top quarter of permanent income. Single women who are head of a household give 57 percent more to charity than corresponding men. Sources for the infographic are a Women Moving Millions study from September 2014; the Women Moving Millions website; the Global Fund for Women 2016 Annual Report; a Money magazine story "Women's Wealth Growing Faster Than Men's," from June 2016; Nonprofit Quarterly from January 2015; a Wells Fargo/BoardSource study of nonprofit board leadership from 2015; and the Women's Philanthropy Institute "Women Give" reports from 2010 and 2012.

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