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For generations, women have been a major force in philanthropy, as leaders and as givers. Today, with women’s growing economic power, giving by and for women has the power to transform communities.

Women Change the World

Key statistics on the impact of women and their giving habits.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

- Aesop

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Bringing a Dream to Life

For more than 65 years, one woman’s charitable trust has been helping North Carolina residents live better lives.

Updated June 2016Editor's Note: Karen McNeil-Miller left the KBR Trust in 2015. Dr. Laura Gerald was announced as the trust's new president in May 2016.

In 1934, Kate Bitting Reynolds, a leading citizen in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, set a plan in motion to fight poverty and extend access to quality health care in her community. She created the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust (KBR Trust), which went into effect in 1947 after her death and has since invested more than $550 million in improving life for people in need across the state of North Carolina.

Karen McNeil-Miller served as President of the KBR Trust from 2005–2015, where she worked with trustee Wells Fargo Bank, a staff of 14, the trust's advisory councils, and other local, state, and national nonprofits to bring Mrs. Reynolds' vision to life.


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Whether you donate time, money, or experience, few decisions are more personal and heartfelt than those surrounding philanthropy. How you give matters as much as what you give.

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